ELLE Decoration "The Family Issue" and Libelle Magazine

with Kiki van Eijk / Anne-Claire Petit / Kelly Konings

Alejo Musich

We LOVE working with Alejandro Musich !

We got introduced through a friend whom used Alejo's paintings for a Fashion collection.

We fell in love with his work and visited his atelier in Buenos Aires. Since then we have worked several times with him, of course he had to be part of the WEEEF family.

In the WEEEF collection we have 1 big tapestry and 4 medium sized artworks. We hope you like his work too !

Born in Buenos Aires in 1976. Musich studied art, psychology and philosophy. His painting is a dialogue with and between nature, different artistic traditions, myths and folklore. In 2016, Editorial Arta published a book with part of his work. He participates in fairs and exhibits in galleries in Buenos Aires and Miami.