ELLE Decoration "The Family Issue" and Libelle Magazine

with Kiki van Eijk / Anne-Claire Petit / Kelly Konings


WEEEF is an online art gallery, focussing on woven art and design. All works are specially made for WEEEF and carefully curated by our creative team.

Every work is made in a Limited Edition, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Origin. Everything is developed in close co-creation with the artists and woven locally by EE Exclusives in Heeze, the Netherlands.

All works are made with the highest standard of detail and material. EE Exclusives is the first OEKO-TEX STeP certificated textile company in the Netherlands, therefor all works are produced sustainably. EE Exclusives is also proud purveyor of the Dutch royal court.

We hope you enjoy these works as much as we do ! WEEEF makes it possible to become the proud owner of your own beautiful woven art.

Whom made it? WEEEF Made It !

The small village of Heeze in the south of the Netherlands is since 1900 the center of some incredible textile weaving innovation, housing the factory of van Engelen & Evers bv.

Starting with ribbons for the local cigar industry, evolved to labels for worldwide brands. In 2000, celebrating our 100st anniversary, the new name EE Labels was chosen. 

Since 2013 an extra E has been added for our sister company EE Exclusives, where we are developing custom-made jacquard fabrics and textile research in co-creation with designers, architects and artists used in fashion, interior and design.

The fantastic creations we make with our clients inspired us to start something new. We would love to bring these beautiful woven pieces of art into your homes .. WEEEF was born. Weef means 'to weave' in Dutch .. adding our extra 3rd E makes WEEEF !