ELLE Decoration "The Family Issue" and Libelle Magazine

with Kiki van Eijk / Anne-Claire Petit / Kelly Konings


We LOVE working with Anne-Claire Petit!

Our personal relation dates many years back, as Anne-Claire Petit was one of the first artists that we selected to design our woven christmas card. After sending Christmas calendars to all our relations for almost 100 years, we started sending small woven artworks instead, in collaboration with our favourite designers.


Anne-Claire has challenged the WEEEF team with her designs. We are happy to present you the result of almost 2 years of developing together.



Anne-Claire Petit has studied at Design Academy Eindhoven, with a specialization in textile design. Craftmanship had her interest. This is still her signature, in all of her work you’ll discover her love for tradition and craftmanship.


Most of her work is crocheted by hand, in small village in Northern China. Here crocheting is part of the culture. The craft is passed on from one generation to the next for many years.
Together with WEEEF Anne-Claire developed 2 wall-hangings, both 100% made in The Netherlands with Italian yarns. A soft and subtle quality, one of the colour combinations will almost always perfectly match any interior.