ELLE Decoration "The Family Issue" and Libelle Magazine

with Kiki van Eijk / Anne-Claire Petit / Kelly Konings


We LOVE working with Scheltens&Abbenes !

We worked with them on a big project for the Dutch royal family, developing a fantastic unique wall-covering for their newly renovated palace Huis Ten Bosch.

We fell in love with their work and had a very good synergy working together. Since then we have worked several times with them, for example developing a new double-sided jacquard technique together which was presented during the Dutch Design Week 2018 which was the first piece in the WEEEF collection.

Of course Maurice and Liesbeth had to be part of the WEEEF family.

In the WEEEF collection we have 1 big tapestry and 1 medium sized artwork. We hope you like their work too !



Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes are the sum total of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist. Technical perfection added to individual handicraft, strong pictorial clarity in addition to tailor-made settings. They experiment with converting spatial dimensions into flat surfaces and explore intensively photography’s potential for creating illusion. Essential to their work is the laboratory process in the studio where they construct their settings with an attitude of conceptualization and solution-led thinking, regardless of whether they are editing or tackling commissioned or independent artistic work. 

Instead of presenting objects as plain sellable products, they often manipulate and utilize them as building blocks for new compositions. The autonomous artistic quality of the photograph always has to prevail. Scheltens & Abbenes deliberately choose to operate both in the field of applied and autonomous art and use them as breeding ground for one another. This approach resulted in showing their projects in cultural institutions such as Galliera Musee de la Mode Paris, Foam Amsterdam, Huis Marseille Amsterdam, The Kunsthal in Rotterdam and The Art Institute of Chicago. In 2019 they made a special commission for the Dutch Royal House at Palace Huis ten Bosch in co-creation with EE Exclusives.